Wednesday, February 8, 2017

a lazy gal's guide to keeping her plants alive

It's already pretty hard keeping myself alive. So for me, keeping a plant alive is a whole another story. Let's just say that I have a pretty bad track record of keeping my plants green. Today's project involves drinking wine and making this self-watering system for your potted plants. And I know that I desperately need it. It being the wine and the hope that my plant can live longer than my usual track record. 

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2. Empty Wine Bottle with a Twist Cap
3.  Round Nose Pliers 


Step 1: 
Gather the materials. Then, take the label off the wine bottle. Make sure the wine bottle has a metal twist on cap.

Step 2: 
Twist the cap off of the wine bottle. Using the round nose pliers, punch one hole into the cap. 

Step 3:
Think of a cute catch phrase you would like to place on the bottle. I used the phrase "nom nom." 

You could use any of the following phrases as well: 
"grow & please don't die on me" 
"Drink up" 
"Eat and Grow"

Step 4:
 Once you decide on a catch phrase that you love, collect the corresponding rub-on letters you need. Scratch the letters onto the bottle. Make sure the phrase reads right side up when it is flipped on its'cap side down. (Reference my photo below for further clarification) 

Step 5: 
Fill the bottle with water. Then, twist the cap back on the bottle. 

Step 6:
Make sure you water the potted plant. If you don't water the plant, the soil will instantly drain the bottle of water. After you water the soil, flip the bottle upside down and bury it into the soil. 

I have kept this plant alive for two weeks (without any refills) using this trick. 

I will "force" myself to drink more wine than I need to in the hopes that my plants stay green.

One pretty drunk and lazy gal 

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