Saturday, February 4, 2017

CHOKER with Love this Valentine's Day

It's not news that the 90's are back in full swing. It's also not news that 90's inspired chokers made it's way into the 2017 fashion world. Take this trend on with this easy to follow DIY tutorial.

Men, if you really want to make a statement for your woman this year, choke her with love by making her a unique choker (like the ones I'm wearing here or here). 

And if you are a strong single lady without a date this Valentine's Day choke yourself with some love by making your very own choker!   

Materials : 
(click on the items for a link to purchase)   
6. Measuring Tape 


Step 1: 
Measure the circumference of the neck. Take the number and minus .5 inches. Cut a suede lace cord in that length.   

Step 2: 
Thread your bead into the pre-cut suede cord

Step 3: 
Get two cord end caps and the round nose pliers ready

Step 4:
Using the pliers firmly clamp each of the cord end caps onto one end of the suede cord   

Step 5: 
Gather the pliers, one lobster clap, and one jump ring

Step 6:
Using the pliers gently open the jump ring

Step 7:
On the left side of the necklace, connect the opened jump ring into the loop of the end cap. (Do not close the jump ring quite yet) Then, connect the lobster clamp into the jump ring. Using the pliers close the jump ring.
Step 8: 
Gather eight jump rings and the pliers

Step 9: 
Connect and close one jump ring to the loop of the remaining end cap. 

Step 10:
On the right side of the necklace, connect and close another jump ring onto the jump ring. Continue to do this until the necklace looks like this:

Look at you! You now have a hand-made Valentine's Day present that will leave your woman (or yourself) feeling pretty choked up.


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