Thursday, February 2, 2017

Etsy Shop

Some of you may wonder where I got the inspiration for my blog name, Paddling in Stilettos. To me, Paddling in Stilettos represents my journey to self discovery. 

There was a point in my life where I truly felt petrified and alone. In those vulnerable moments I found myself feeling as if I were on an old wooden log paddling in three inch stilettos. I just kept paddling as hard as I could and I constantly felt like I was going absolutely nowhere. The more I paddled the more I learned about myself. I learned that I was vulnerable. I learned that I was insecure. I learned that I was hurt and damaged. But, most importantly, I learned that I was resilient. And the more I learned about myself the more I figured out that I was in total control of my own destiny and happiness.

I had the power to take off those three inch stilettos and toss them in the water. I had the power to paddle over to land and camp for a night by a warm blazing fire. I had the power to toss the old wooden log aside and upgrade to at least an old steam boat. I had the power to take control of my desperate situation. I empowered myself to be more vulnerable, to acknowledge my insecurities, to face my pain,and most importantly, to be more resilient.

Today, I am a work in progress. I am ever growing and ever learning. I am not perfect in any way, shape, or form. I am just an imperfectly perfect girl paddling in stilettos. Only now, I decided to toss the log aside and upgrade to an old but trusty steam boat.

In the face of acknowledging one of my insecurities, showcasing my art, I empowered myself to open up my very own Etsy shop.

CLICK HERE to check out my shop!

DIY Steps: 

Step 1: Click on my Etsy link.

Step 2: Click on the item you want & check out.

Step 3: Wait while I hand paint your item/s. 

Step 4: Open your package that is shipped right to your door.

Step 5: Enjoy. 

With this DIY joke aside, check out my shop

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