Monday, February 20, 2017

one necklace, two ways to wear it

Spending time making one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces is a pretty fun way to spend a lazy afternoon. What if I told you that you can make one piece of jewelry and wear it in two different ways? Well, what do you know? Your lazy afternoon instantly became two times more productive. 

Use the sliding knots to adjust the length of the necklace.

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Step 1:
 Gather all your materials and decide on one stone bead

 Step 2:
Using your round nose pliers/side cutter, cut a piece of the 26 gauge wire about the same length of your pliers. 

 Step 3:
String the pre-cut wire through the bead

Step 4:
Fold the wire like the picture below

Step 5:
Fold the left wire to the right side of the bead

Step 6:
Now, take that same left wire (now on the right side) and loop it through the bead

Step 7:
Fold the left wire to the right side of the bead. Make sure to leave a hoop shape large enough to thread your suede lace through.  

Step 8:
Wrap the wire sticking straight-up around the bead and remaining wire until there is no wire left to wrap 

Step 9:
Wrap the remaining wire around the bead. 
The final bead should look like this:

Step 10:
Cut a piece of 25 inch suede lace 

Step 11:
Thread the wired bead through the pre-cut suede lace

Step 12:
Set the necklace up like the picture below

Step 13:
Using the left end of the lace suede, tie a simple knot like the picture below. Make sure this knot is a bit loose, but tight enough to stay in place.

Step 14:
Tie a simple knot on the right side like in the picture below

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