Monday, February 6, 2017

stoned in stilettos; bowl makeover

The thoughts run through my mind; 
"I have a pile of stone beads. I need to find a container for my stones. I'm hungry. Hey, I'll just use this bowl. I'm hilarious! Hum... not really. Ew, this bowl needs a serious makeover. I'm lazy. How can I give it an easy makeover?" 

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3. Any old white bowl hidden in the depths of your kitchen cabinets  


Step 1:
Gather all your materials 

Step 2:
  Make sure your bowl is clean and dry

Step 3:
Using the gold marker,draw on the rim of the white bowl

Step 4:
[Now, make sure you go to a well ventilated outdoor space]

Using the gloss varnish, spray the rim of the bowl with a thin layer of gloss. When spraying, make sure the can is at least 4 inches away from the bowl.

Step 5:

Let the bowl dry for at least 30 minutes

For those who are stoned...this bowl is now for decorative purposes (ONLY).

The remaining thoughts run through my mind; 

"The perfect home for my stone collection. That was easy."   

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