Friday, March 31, 2017

Fairy Blogmother: Change Your Favicon With This Stylish Design

A favicon is that teeny tiny icon that is located in your browser tab. Blogger automatically places their logo as the default favicon. Changing Blogger's default favicon will make your blog look a lot less like, well, Blogger. 

A clean-cut and design conscious favicon will grab a reader's attention by branding your blog's vibe. Changing this icon is super easy to do. 

In today's tutorial, I will teach you how to one, change the favicon in Blogger and two, I will offer you a series of icons that I have designed.

Step 1:
Log into your Blogger dashboard

Step 2:
Click "Layout"

Step 3:
Click "Edit" in the Favicon gadget
Reference the photo below for clarification as to where to find the Favicon gadget.

Step 4:
Click "Choose File" to upload your photo of choice
The icon must be a square image & less than 100KB

Step 5:
Click "Save"

Just so you know, the icon can take up to 24 hours to update. Don't worry if it does not change instantly.

As a rule of thumb, You should use the first letter of your blog's name to create a favicon. For example, my blog is Paddling in Stilettos so, my favicon is always a design with the letter P.

The following are some graphics that I designed (with magic, of course). As your Fairy Blogmother, I give you permission to use them as you wish.

To download the letter you need, find the letter in the scroll box below. Copy the corresponding URL into a new window. Save the image and follow steps 1-5.  

As your Fairy Blogmother, I love to give you choices.
Click on the letter icon to be magically linked to the corresponding favicon images.


X           O          X          O
It'll do your blog some magic, believe it or not. 
When you put all this together and what have you got? 
Bidibi bodibi boo, an upgraded blog.

I'm sorry to say that no glass slippers are included.

Love always,
Your Fairy Blogmother

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