Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fairy Blogmother: Remove Dotted Lines

Blogger templates come with rows of ugly dots above the “powered by blogger” attribution. On top of that, there are even more ugly dots in between the pager. The pager is where you see Newer Posts, Home, Older Posts. 

As your Fairy Blogmother, I will help you remove those ugly dotted lines. Both at the bottom of your Blogger page and between the pager in the hopes that you will find your Blog Charming.

Step 1:
Log into your Blogger account

Step 2:
Click "Theme"

Step 3:
Click "Customize"

Step 4:
Click "Advanced"

Step 5:
Scroll down to "Add CSS" & click "Add CSS"

Step 6:
Copy and paste the following HTML code into the "Add Custom CSS" box:
.footer-outer {border: none;}
.blog-pager {background: none;}

Step 7:
Click "Apply to Blog"

X           O          X          O

It'll do your blog some magic, believe it or not. 
When you put all this together and what have you got? 
Bidibi bodibi boo, an upgraded blog.

I'm sorry to say that no glass slippers are included.

Love always,

Your Fairy Blogmother

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